Time for Change: Zenith’s Pink Chronomaster Sport Limited Edition
Time for Change: Zenith’s Pink Chronomaster Sport Limited Edition
The Power of Purpose
6 October 2023 4 minute read

In a world where time is often measured in mere seconds, Zenith has created a timepiece that transcends the boundaries of elegance and purpose. The Zenith Chronomaster Sport Pink Limited Edition stands as a bold symbol of support for breast cancer awareness, combining stunning craftsmanship with a meaningful cause.


The Cause Behind the Chronomaster Sport Pink

This limited edition timepiece is more than just a watch; it’s a statement of solidarity in the fight against breast cancer.

Zenith, a brand renowned for its precision and innovation, has channelled its expertise to support Susan G. Komen®, the world’s leading breast cancer organisation. As part of their commitment to women’s empowerment through their “ZENITH HORIZ-ON” initiative, Zenith has dedicated its Chronomaster Sport Pink to raising global awareness about the impact of breast cancer.



Radiant Pink Dial: A Striking Statement

One look at the Chronomaster Sport Pink, and you’re captivated by its vibrant pink sunburst dial. It’s a hue that reflects hope, strength, and resilience. Every detail, from the oversized chronograph counters to the matching date wheel, is meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of unity in the fight against breast cancer.


Image Courtesy of Zenith


Craftsmanship in Every Detail

Zenith’s dedication to craftsmanship extends beyond the dial.

The watch features a 41mm steel case with a polished steel bezel, exuding timeless elegance. What powers this beauty is the El Primero 3600 automatic high-frequency chronograph movement, with a 1/10th of a second chronograph function and an impressive 60-hour power reserve. It’s a testament to Zenith’s commitment to precision and quality.



Limited Edition, Lasting Impact

The Chronomaster Sport Pink is a limited edition, with only 500 pieces available. Each purchase contributes to the Susan G. Komen® foundation’s mission of providing education, support, and hope to women affected by breast cancer. By wearing this watch, you not only adorn your wrist with a work of art but also become a part of a movement for change.


Images Courtesy of Zenith



Join Us in Supporting in Susan G. Komen®

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the perfect time to join Zenith in supporting Susan G. Komen® and its noble cause. By choosing the Chronomaster Sport Pink Limited Edition, you’re not just acquiring a timepiece; you’re making a statement that every moment counts in the battle against breast cancer.


The Zenith Chronomaster Sport Pink Limited Edition is a masterpiece that marries beauty and purpose. It’s a watch that reminds us that every second can make a difference, and together, we can create a brighter future in the fight against breast cancer. Wear it with pride, wear it with purpose, and let your timepiece be a beacon of hope and change.


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