Unashamedly and unequivocally Japanese in its approach to watchmaking, Seiko produces watches that you can truly rely upon to perform whenever you need them to, and won’t have...


High-quality without the high cost.

20 October 2020 Article by Max Langridge (DMARGE)
Customer Care

Luxury Watch Insurance ensures that your treasured piece is protected for the next generation.

9 October 2020 5 minute read

Tissot's Affordable Swiss-Made Watches are the perfect everyday companion

29 September 2020 Article by Max Langridge (DMARGE)

Few accessories offer as strong a proposition of elegance matched with utility as the watch. When done right, a woman's...

29 September 2020 Article by Felix Scholz
Customer Care

The 5 C’s of Jewellery – Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat and Centrestone Jewellery Insurance!

4 September 2020 5 minute read
Moments That Matter

We catch up with our friend, artist Alesandro Ljubicic on his exciting projects, the art world during Covid-19 but most...

28 August 2020

Beyond telling the time, one of the most popular extra functions (‘complications’ in the world of watches) is that of...

27 August 2020 Article by Felix Scholz
Moments That Matter

We catch up with our very own Gregory Jewellers Co-CEO, Edward Gregory on what it means to be a father....

21 August 2020

The luxury watchmaker celebrates its 160th anniversary with new additions to its Carrera family.

24 July 2020 5 minute read

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