The Leyla Rose Story

An extraordinary insight into the creation of the stunning Leyla Rose Fine Silver Collection with Creative Director, Sara Gregory.



At its core, Leyla Rose is a collection designed by women, for women. So, it is fitting that the collection has been inspired by incredible women. Leyla and Rose Gregory, the founding wives of Gregory Jewellers, were instrumental to the business’s early success and renowned for their stunning fine jewellery pieces. As more clientele commented on their own aspirations to possess the same beautiful jewellery worn by Leyla and Rose, the idea of the affordable Leyla Rose Collection flourished.


Sara Gregory, Creative Director of Leyla Rose 

Sara Gregory championed the development of Leyla Rose Fine Silver, pursuing the vision to curate a collection that emulated the jewellery worn by her mother and aunt, but at a price point that made it accessible to all women.


“The collection itself has such special personal significance. Leyla Rose has provided an amazing opportunity not only to express my creativity but also channel my family’s legacy into a collection that speaks to a diverse spectrum of women.” said Leyla Rose Creative Director Sara Gregory.


With an immersive understanding of the contemporary jewellery market, Sara Gregory, has expertly guided the diverse Leyla Rose Fine Silver Collection to complement the unique style and personality of the modern woman. Personifying glamourous, playful, and ultra-feminine energy, the distinctive style of Leyla Rose is a credit to Sara’s fashion forward creative process.

Featuring Joelle and Sienna from the Leyla Rose collection

“The first element of my creative process is always recognising what is essential for the modern woman of today and the designs that will appeal to this market”, Sara explained.


“From this, l am able to move forward into my favourite component of the design process, developing the jewellery collection and seeing my ideas and vision come to life.”


To ensure her jewellery is perfectly proportional and comfortable to wear, Sara Gregory brings new meaning to the term crafted with love. Each individual piece within the Leyla Rose Fine Silver Collection encapsulates the Gregory Family’s dedication to quality and is crafted using the finest cubic zirconia jewels and handset in premium silver.


As Sara describes: “Beyond the physical beauty of our collections, I have grown to appreciate the time invested in creating and perfecting luxury jewellery. I have been blessed to be surrounded by such strong women in my family who have guided me on my professional journey. For me, Leyla Rose is the culmination of this, and an opportunity to continue to express my endless love for jewellery.”

Featuring the Hazel set from the Leyla Rose collection

This exquisite collection is now available across Australia through Gregory Jewellers  15 NSW and VIC boutiques and its nationally dedicated e-boutique.



Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the Leyla Rose Fine Silver collection is part of the Gregory Jewellers expansive portfolio. Catered towards the everyday glamour and bridal market, the Leyla Rose Fine Silver collection introduces beautiful classic pieces made from high-quality materials at affordable prices. Leyla Rose designs are an elegant fusion of finest hand-cut cubic zirconia jewels and premium silver and is available across the Gregory Jewellers retail network.


Each individual piece within the Leyla Rose Fine Silver Collection encapsulates the Gregory Family’s dedication to quality and is crafted using the finest cubic zirconia jewels and handset in premium silver.

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