Lab Diamonds or Natural Diamonds: Unveiling the Beauty and Brilliance
Lab Diamonds or Natural Diamonds: Unveiling the Beauty and Brilliance
Discover the captivating world of Lab Diamonds and gain key takeaways for choosing between Lab and Natural Diamonds in our concise Q&A
15 April 2024 4 minutes

In recent years, the world of fine jewellery has seen an exciting evolution in the form of lab diamonds. As part of the launch of Leyla Rose by Gregory, we are delighted to explore the captivating realm of both lab diamonds and natural diamonds. Whether you are considering an engagement ring, a special gift, or a new addition to your collection, understanding the nuances between these two types of diamonds can enhance your appreciation and help you make an informed choice.

What makes Lab Diamonds and Natural Diamonds unique?

Lab Diamonds are crafted in a controlled laboratory environment which allows for replication of the Earth’s natural growing processes. On the other hand, Natural Diamonds, formed over billions of years, carry their own character and journey behind how they reached the earth’s surface. Both types have a distinct story, ensuring a unique choice for every customer and their needs.

Which type of diamond is more environmentally friendly?

The answer to this question really depends on how each type of diamond is created or sourced so we can only answer regarding the processes in place to support our sourcing standards. At Gregory Jewellers, we are committed to offering both Lab Grown Diamond and Natural Diamonds in the most ethical and sustainable ways possible.

Are Lab Diamonds of lesser quality than Natural Diamonds?

The quality is not lesser however the story of creation is different. Our Lab Diamonds are scientifically crafted with precision, ensuring the creation of manmade, exceptional quality products. Natural Diamonds are earth’s creation and have a billion-year-old history before they reach the earth’s surface. Both Lab Diamonds and Natural Diamonds undergo rigorous grading, guaranteeing you a striking and genuine piece, regardless of your choice.

How do the prices compare between Lab Diamonds and Natural Diamonds?

Lab Diamonds are more budget-friendly due to their production process. Whilst Natural Diamonds being finite and rare can vary in price. Our diverse collection caters to all budgets, ensuring you can find your perfect diamond, either lab or natural that fits within your desired budget.

Do Lab Diamonds and Natural Diamonds sparkle differently?

Both Lab Diamonds and Gregory Standard Natural Diamonds exhibit the same captivating sparkle. Their brilliance is a result of their well-cut facets and high-quality characteristics. Rest assured, no matter your choice, your diamond will sparkle infinitely!

Do Lab Diamonds come with certifications like Natural Diamonds?

Absolutely. Our Leyla Rose By Gregory Lab Diamonds are graded to meet the exacting standards of the industry just like Natural Diamonds and they come with a certification that outlines the quality and authenticity of your chosen diamond. For Lab Diamonds measuring one carat and above, you can expect an independent report with your purchase.

Can I customise jewellery with both Lab Diamonds and Natural Diamonds?

Certainly! Our skilled craftsmen can create bespoke design pieces using either Lab Diamonds or Natural Diamonds. Whether you prefer the precision of Lab Diamonds or the rare charm of Natural Diamonds, we can bring your vision to life.

What should I consider when choosing between Lab Diamonds and Natural Diamonds?

Consider your values and budget. Lab Diamonds offer a more cost-effective choice, while Natural Diamonds carry an evolutionary allure. Our role is to guide you, ensuring you make a choice that aligns with your preference so you can choose the diamond that best resonates to you.

How can I make the best decision for my purchase?

Trust our expertise. Visit our showroom, explore our collection, and let us assist you. Ask questions, share your preferences, and allow us to match you with the perfect diamond, whether Lab Grown or Natural. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we’re here to make your experience at Gregory Jewellers truly special.

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