The Best 2023 Summer Jewellery Trends
The Best 2023 Summer Jewellery Trends
10 January 2023 4 minute read

Pops of Colour. Pearls. Layering. Stacks. Hoops

With summer well underway, it’s time to shed your usual outfits for something that better suits the heat. Floral dresses, sun hats, sandals and more are great choices to match the relaxed vibes that the season brings. And with these changes comes the decision about which jewellery pieces to match your new outfits. Jewellery never falls out of fashion for long. Sentimental value, higher price points and long-lasting designs mean that they will usually last for generations or re-emerge regularly. Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s no reason to update your wardrobe and jewellery collections seasonally.


At Gregory Jewellers, we offer a wide range of unique jewellery pieces to perfectly complement your various summer looks. From glamorous statement pieces and alluring pearl earrings to colourful beaded bracelets and layered chains, our experts have put together a handy guide to the best 2023 summer jewellery trends that will have you relaxing in style.

Monika wearing our Gemstone Cocktail Collection


Coloured Jewellery

Happiness and playfulness are at the centre of jewellery this summer. Coloured jewellery pieces match perfectly with the vibrancy of the season and can easily complement summer dresses.


Gemstones can add a splash of colour to your outfits, with rainbow pieces evoking the youthfulness and energy of the 80s and 90s. For a piece that you can add to your everyday summer look, consider these 18K Yellow Gold Gemstone Earrings, which feature peridot, blue topaz, amethyst and pink rhodolite.


Clementine wearing our Gemstone Cocktail Collection


Like coloured gemstones, beaded bracelets call back to past summers when we’d spend our childhood creating our own pieces with friends. As an adult, beaded bracelets can also bring a luxurious touch to your wrists while still adding a splash of colour to your overall outfit. If you’re thinking about a piece to complete your summer look, why not choose this Nialaya Beaded Bracelet that looks just as good by itself as it does stacked with other bracelets.

Nialaya Bracelets


Pearl Jewellery

Australian summers have always been associated with holidays and meetups at the beach. And nothing symbolises beach vibes more than pearl jewellery. With a subtle shine, these pieces offer a casual yet elegant look, perfect for your party outfits. From pearl drop earrings to strand necklaces, these pieces bring a neutral style that can be paired with anything. When it comes to reminding people of the fresh feeling of nature that summer brings, you can’t go astray with this Allure South Sea Pearl Ring, featuring a bumblebee design & seedless pearl.


Natalie wearing Allure South Sea Bumblebee Collection


Necklace Layering

Summer is the perfect time to show off and experiment with necklace layering. Rather than deciding between which chain to wear with your outfit, mix and match various pieces to suit your own sense of style. Wearing multiple necklaces effortlessly matches summer’s energy and is a fantastic way to make a statement.


If you’re looking to get into necklace layering, here are some quick tips:


Wear different length pieces – Choosing different lengths will ensure that each necklace contrasts with the other and stand out more clearly.

Mix and match unique designs – Wearing different designs will help to create a stronger impression and emphasise your personal touch.

Add a pop of colour – In keeping with other summer trends, adding just a pop of colour can bring some focus and attention around your neck and face.


For pieces to get you started, consider this Cubic Zirconia Small Tennis Sienna Collier that can act as your base, while this 18K Yellow Gold Diamond Four Leaf Clover Necklace is the perfect focal point.


Leticia wearing our GLOW collection


Hoop Earrings

Making a statement is on trend this summer. The bolder, the better with your pieces. Hoop earrings lend themselves to being an eye-catching accessory for your outfit. With their large circular hanging design, they can help accentuate your face, giving you a softer look.


When wearing hoop earrings as part of your summer look:


Tying your hair back in a high bun or ponytail will help to emphasise them, especially if you have a longer face.

Bright designs work best to complement the vibrant energy of the season.

The larger, the better when considering what size to pick.

If you’re looking to make a splash at a more formal occasion, this classic pair of Diamond & Yellow Gold Hoop Earrings is the ideal sophisticated piece to wear with your dress.

Vakoo wearing our Classic Diamond Hoops


Summer is a season that offers plenty of chances to experiment with your usual outfits. It’s a time when you can kick back and enjoy the perfect weather for outings. Bring a sense of playfulness to your everyday look with our wide range of jewellery pieces designed to make a statement.


With over 55 years of exquisite products, there’s no better place to visit than Gregory Jewellers.


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