Centrestone – Don’t forget the 5th C of Jewellery!
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Centrestone – Don’t forget the 5th C of Jewellery!
The 5 C’s of Jewellery – Cut, Colour, Clarity, Carat and Centrestone Jewellery Insurance!
4 September 2020 5 minute read

“For me, Jewellery is a way of keeping memories alive” – Lily Collins

Jewellery,  pieces crafted from precious metals and adorned with jewels, symbolize and commemorate special memories and milestones in our life. Originally worn as a mark of status or rank, jewellery has become a precious possession of many, be it an engagement ring, anniversary gift or just a present to yourself,  it represents a special memory captured in time.


That said, there is no other worldly possession is worn as much as an engagement ring or wedding band. Once received, the intention is that you will wear them every day, for the rest of your life!



Image: Gregory Jewellers – showcasing our True Love Round Brilliant Cut ring



Due to the significance of these pieces, Gregory Jewellers recommends insuring with a trusted jewellery insurance specialist so that you can wear your jewellery with confidence every day. We are pleased to introduce our partner, Centrestone Jewellery Insurance, which has the most comprehensive policy in the market for all of our customers jewellery insurance needs.


The last thing you would ever think of is letting that ring out of your sight, yet in the last 5 years, 8% of women and 14% of men have misplaced their wedding ring.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Most Home & Contents policies aim to replace your jewellery at the lowest cost available by directing claims to their own workshop or selected jewellers. Gregory Jewellers recommend insuring with Centrestone Jewellery Insurance. They do not compromise on cost or quality when it comes to replacing your treasured pieces of jewellery.



Image: Gregory Jewellers – showcasing our Timeless Solitaire ring



This guarantees that you can return to Gregory Jewellers if you need to make a claim. This gives you peace of mind that in the event something ever happened to your beloved jewellery, it will be replaced like-for-like with the quality of craftsmanship that Gregory Jewellers is known for!

Image: Gregory Jewellers – True Love with Princess Centre Stone being crafted in our Sydney CBD Atelier



Replacement Costs

The value of precious metals and gemstones, particularly diamonds, increases annually and fluctuate based on the raw materials and labour costs as well as currency rate. This means the price paid for your jewellery may not always reflect its current retail replacement cost after your purchase. Centrestone Jewellery Insurance. unlike Home & Contents policies, cover you up to 150% of the insured value. So if the replacement cost of your jewellery increases, rest assured you will still be able to replace your precious piece for the same quality with Gregory Jewellers.


Centrestone Jewellery Insurance also provides an annual revaluation of your jewellery and watch collection so that as time goes on, your insured value matches the replacement cost of your jewellery.

WorldWide coverage

You wear your jewellery every day and everywhere, so it is important you are covered both in and out of the home. With Centrestone Jewellery Insurance you are covered anywhere in the world for accidental damage, loss and theft, so no matter where you are there is no need to leave your beloved jewellery behind!


Image: Gregory Jewellers – showcasing our Precious Halo Pear ring



Typical Home & Contents policies have restrictions on where and when you can wear your jewellery, leaving many customers unprotected outside the home or while travelling overseas. Most travel insurance policies also only cover single items up to about $5,000 and are often subject to a very high excess. We want to make sure you feel confident wearing and enjoying your jewellery everyday which is why we believe insuring with Centrestone Jewellery Insurance is the best way to protect your jewellery and watch collection from the unexpected.


No Excess

If tragedy strikes and your precious jewellery piece is damaged, lost or stolen, we understand that it can be an extremely upsetting and stressful time. Centrestone Jewellery Insurance keep their excess at $0, so your jewellery can be replaced with a seamless process is ensuring as low stress as possible.


The excess on Home & Contents policies can be many thousands of dollars, and claims will then increase the premium of your whole home and contents policy for many years into the future. Centrestone Jewellery Insurance recognises that accidents happen and will not increase the premium on policies after a claim has been made.


Centrestone Jewellery Insurance offers a policy that has been specifically tailored to offer the maximum protection for your most precious jewellery.

You can get an instant quote for insuring your jewellery with Centrestone on their website here, or by visiting your local Gregory Jewellers boutique where you can also set you up a policy in store.


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