TAG HEUER X PORSCHE: United by Performance, Quality and Innovation
TAG HEUER X PORSCHE: United by Performance, Quality and Innovation
Driven by a common history of innovation and motor racing, TAG Heuer and Porsche join forces to unveil a new Carrera.
5 February 2021 5 minute read

TAG Heuer and Porsche – Two histories with One Passion

The Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer and German sportscar manufacturer Porsche have announced their new partnership: an alliance between two brands that share the same passion and DNA in motorsports and racing. A new addition to the Carrera family, the TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph, is unveiled in celebration of the iconic brands.


TAG Heuer and Porsche have common history and values and more importantly, we share an attitude. Like Porsche, we are disruptors at heart, always in pursuit of high performance

– CEO Frédéric Arnault

Image: TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph (Courtesy of TAG Heuer)


This friendship first began in 1948, when Ferdinand Porsche’s son, Ferdinand Anton Ernst, founded the car brand that bears the family name. Within several years, the Porsche name became associated with race track success worldwide – including a class win in the Carrera Panamericana race of 1954. In honour of this, Porsche named its most powerful engine ‘Carrera’.

Image: Carrera Panamericana Race 1954 (Courtesy of TAG Heuer)

In 1963, the then-CEO Jack Heuer created the Tag Heuer Carrera family. Jack Heuer, who was enthralled with auto racing, heard the story of the legendary Carrera Panamericana race. Designed in spirit of the ‘Carrera’ (or ‘race’), this watch embodied the values of ambition, speed and technical excellence.


Edouard Heuer and Ferdinand Porsche were visionaries and pioneers whose creations changed their chosen fields forever.


The TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph


Carrera: an icon of a name that has been associated with TAG Heuer and Porsche for generations – so it was a natural choice for the first creative product collaboration.

A tribute to the heritage of two legendary brands, both on and off the track, the new chronograph offers a first glimpse of what they can achieve together.



Image: TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph (Courtesy of TAG Heuer)

Based on TAG Heuer’s distinctive Carrera Sport Chronograph design, this timepiece features a distinctive tachymeter scale engraved on the bezel.


A compelling union of two icons of performance, quality, and innovation, this chronograph is a seamless blend of the Porsche and TAG Heuer universes, reflecting the excellence of both names without diluting the essence of either.

Porsche’s engraved inscription is visible on the bezel with the unmistakable font used for the indexes. The incorporation of the Porsche colours of red, black and grey also recalls historic Heuer models. The transparent crystal case back proudly displays the logos of both brands and the redesigned oscillating mass is in tribute to Porsche’s celebrated steering wheel

Image: TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph (Courtesy of TAG Heuer)


The dial’s asphalt effect, created for this watch, expresses a passion for the road and is perfectly complemented with the use of the Arabic numbers, reminiscent of the dashboard of fine Porsche sportscars.

Image: TAG Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph (Courtesy of TAG Heuer)


This watch is beautifully presented on the choices of a soft calf leather strap, with the innovative stitching echoing the Porsche interior, or on an interlocking bracelet, reflective of the streamlined racing design. Powered by the in-house Calibre Heuer 02 manufacture movement, this timepiece boasts an impressive 80-hour power reserve. The chronograph mechanism’s vertical clutch and column wheel demonstrate the brand’s unflinching demand for absolute precision.


The official partnership between TAG Heuer and Porsche may be on its starting line but it has been built on a remarkable foundation: the shared heritage and the common interests of two of the world’s favourite and most dynamic luxury brands.


This Special Edition watch is also delivered in a bespoke packaging with colours and a style consistent to the remarkable watch inside. Featuring both the logos of TAG Heuer and Porsche, the box also features a black travel pouch with the iconic Porsche red interior.

Available exclusively at our Bondi Junction, Miranda and Parramatta Boutiques, reach out to a Watch Specialist today and express your interest.



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