Rado Captain Cook Bronze – Tradition meets Innovation
Rado Captain Cook Bronze – Tradition meets Innovation
An original look from 1962 is brought to life in a new and improved form for the twenty-first century.
6 June 2020 5 minute read

Bronze – One of a Kind

This year, Rado delivers a powerful wrist statement with a twist that tastefully reflects popular contemporary materials and trends. Presenting a modern touch through its Bronze case, the Rado Captain Cook Bronze meets every expectation – both on a functional and aesthetic level.


Image: Captain Cook Bronze in Green (Courtesy of Rado)


Bronze, the first metal alloy used extensively in human civilisation, develops a patina over its lifetime. Patina, what occurs when copper in bronze oxidises from exposure to air, develops a unique colour depending on each wearer’s habits and atmospheric climate. The case is meticulously finished in a fine plating of 23 carat gold to avoid the process of patination occurring before it reaches the wearer’s wrist.


This model features a bronze case for a perfect combination of ancient and modern materials.


Eventually disappearing, the end result is a satisfying gradual change, where the wearer may observe the bronze slowly darken to a milky-gold hue. This process adds an unexpected dimension of depth, and when paired with its high-tech ceramic bezel, Rado presents a watch that is truly one of a kind.


Rado – Master of Materials

Rado, a globally recognised Swiss Watchmaker, is renowned for its use of revolutionary materials in the creation of beautiful and durable timepieces. Known for its contributions in the watchmaking industry, Rado brings an original look from the 1960s back to life with infusions of contemporary tastes.


If we can imagine it, we can make it”

Rado’s Brand Philosophy

Image: Captain Cook Bronze in Blue (Courtesy of Rado)

The Swiss brand’s heritage of innovation continues with the introduction of a bronze case that adds vintage details in its offer of ceramic bezels in lush green, deep blue or earthly brown. Sapphire crystal encases the front of the watch, allowing for an extremely legible dial that showcases its famous Rado red rotating anchor. The Rado anchor symbolises that encased within its bronze case, the Rado Captain Cook Bronze is powered by a three hand C07 automatic movement, that offers an impressive power reserve of 80 hours. Continuing with its vintage theme, the Rado Captain Cook Bronze is enhanced with yellow Super-LumiNova indexes, allowing for clear visibility in the dark. Water resistant to 300 metres, Rado has presented a striking divers watch that encapsulates its brand and history.


Captain Cook is a watch designed to stand the test of time.


Beautifully paired with a high-quality leather strap, the strap adds to the nautical charm of the watch. It boasts the Rado Easy Clip System, this allows wearers to easily and rapidly change straps. The Rado Captain Cook Bronze is a watch of contrasts, successfully presenting a innovative modern iteration of the legendary 1960s original.


Image: Captain Cook Bronze in Brown (Courtesy of Rado)



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