Pomellato Nudo 2021 – Celebration of a Woman’s Uniqueness
Pomellato Nudo 2021 – Celebration of a Woman’s Uniqueness
Nudo 2021 Jewels Showcase Celebration of a Woman's Uniqueness
28 July 2021 5 minute read

Celebration of a Nudo Woman

Image: Courtesy of Pomellato

Pomellato’s Nudo collection is its most iconic design, with gemstone options available in a rainbow of colours. The new 2021 collection presents new amethyst, prasiolite and white topaz Nudo jewels to appeal and celebrate a woman’s uniqueness.


The perfect gift for any time, the collection bares colors of audacity for the woman who embodies the Nudo spirit.

The collection allows for a woman to express herself with her choice of Nudo jewels with the ability for the pieces to be stacked and mix and matched.


The Nudo woman feels free to be herself: striking, strong, unconventional, and full of colour.



Video: Courtesy of Pomellato

Pomellato – Defining the New Precious

Founded in Milan in 1967, Pomellato jewels are renowned for their ability to create new combinations of colours and materials, surprising proportions and unmistakeable designs.


Pomellato’s understated and elegant style is inspired by Milanese fashion and design.

Image: Courtesy of Pomellato


Pomellato seeks to define the new precious by pioneering the use of a coloured palette of gems not traditionally found in mainstream jewellery.


A jewel needs to be as functional as it is beautiful, and as modern as it is precious – an approach that has always defined Pomellato’s design identity.


The Nudo Story

Showcasing the naked splendor and glowing colour of a gemstone are the traits that make Nudo an enduring success and a must have for every woman. Nudo, meaning “nude” in Italian, refers to the collection’s prong-free collection and its ability to showcase all angles of the gemstone.


Since its launch in 2001, Nudo embraces simplicity and creativity,  and has cemented itself as the quintessential bearer of all the Pomellato values.


Video: Courtesy of Pomellato


A jewel of naked beauty and irresistible humor charged with the elegance of Milanese understatement. As an ever-evolving icon, it has verve and wit.


Taking a challenging take on the solitaire, which is copyright protected, it is beloved by woman in their ability to wear, pile, combine and experience this collection in an infinite number of personal ways to let their style shine.


A masterpiece of powerful simplicity, NUDO is first and foremost about women, not about the jewel.

Image: Courtesy of Pomellato

New Must-Haves

Nudo introduces and expands it’s Nudo family with a range of playful gem colours and sizes, including new rings, earrings and a two-stone lariat New must haves are introduced in petit and classic-size stones.


For the perfect set, pair the classic flair of the rings with earrings that stylishly showcase Nudo amethysts dropped from a shimmering diamond pave. A two-stone lariat embellished with a diamond pave, with an integrated circle clasp, completes the Nudo look.


Image: Courtesy of Pomellato

Pomellato is available exclusively at our Bondi Junction Boutique and on our e-Boutique.



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