Pink Kimberley – Showcasing Australia’s Natural Beauty
Pink Kimberley – Showcasing Australia’s Natural Beauty
Pink Kimberley is dedicated to showcasing the natural beauty of Argyle Pink diamonds.
30 September 2021 5 minute read

Pink Kimberley

Named after the precious stones central to the design and place they are found; the Pink Kimberley and Blush Pink Diamond Collections feature the rarest diamonds on earth, Argyle Pink Diamonds. With the closure of the Argyle mine in November 2020, there has never been a better time to acquire these rarest of gems.


Image: Courtesy of Pink Kimberley


All pink diamonds used are certified Australian pink diamonds from the East Kimberley region of Western Australia


Minute dust particles from the surrounding red rock mix with the crystalline air to be caught by the early morning sun as it rises over the rugged landscape.

Image: Courtesy of Pink Kimberley


What begins as a soft pink glow on the horizon becomes a kaleidoscope of pink; a breathtakingly beautiful phenomenon created by Mother Nature

Pink Diamonds – Rare Beauty

Demand for Pink Diamonds has risen in the past few years, particularly with the closure of the Argyle Mine. With it becoming one of the world’s most treasured natural resources, it has quickly captivated the hearts of all by its aesthetic qualities.

Image: Courtesy of Pink Kimberley


From soft blush to deep magenta, these rare pink stones are found glittering amongst prehistoric rock unearthed by the Argyle diamond mine. To this day, gemmologists continue to debate the specific circumstances that caused a pink diamond to develop its beautiful colour.


Ranging from sweet blush to electrifying pink, ocean-like blue and passion infused red. The unique richness and range of colour is unmatched by any other diamond in the world.

Image: Courtesy of Pink Kimberley

Each piece is designed to be individual and unique, to celebrate the beauty and rarity of every pink diamond that is unearthed.


It is this Australian natural beauty that defines the PINK KIMBERLEY brand and provides the design inspiration for an exquisite range of rings, earrings and pendants


The Argyle Mine


In October 1979, a group of geologists in Western Australia slighted a glimmer. They would soon discover this glimmer would be the catalyst to a discovery that would change the diamond industry forever.


Image: Courtesy of Pink Kimberley


This discovery provided the world with a stream of diamonds in a plethora of colours – including the coveted violet blue. Out of all of the colours discovered, the most valuable would be the highly prized rare pink diamonds.


The Argyle diamond mine opened on this site in 1985 and soon became renowned as one of the largest producers supplying around 20% of the global diamond supply. Of this supply, only a tiny percentage were pink, less than 0.1%.


Argyle pink diamonds are beyond rare and they have now become Australian ‘heritage’ diamonds to be desperately sought after by collectors and investors across the globe.

Image: Courtesy of Pink Kimberley


All Pink Kimberley jewellery is made of 18K White and Rose Gold and set with certified Argyle Pink diamonds. With each individual stone painstakingly chosen and arranged, each finish piece is an expression of quality and Australian creativity.


It is the pure embodiment of a mystical sky that appears above the ancient wilderness.

Image: Courtesy of Pink Kimberley


Blush Pink Range

Developed in response to the growing demand for Pink diamonds yet scarcity of Argyle Pink Diamonds, Pink Kimberley introduced their Blush Pink range. This range provides accessible rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets featuring Argyle Pink Diamonds. The idea behind the collection is that Argyle Pink Diamonds should be affordable and accessible to all!


Image: Courtesy of Pink Kimberley


The Pink Kimberley range is available at our Bondi Junction, Campbelltown (Blush Pink only), Chatswood, Miranda and also our E-Boutique!





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