Introducing Mr Gregory – Australia’s Affordable Jewellery Brand
Introducing Mr Gregory – Australia’s Affordable Jewellery Brand
High-quality without the high cost.
20 October 2020 Article by Max Langridge (DMARGE)

This article was first published and produced by DMARGE in partnership with Gregory Jewellers


It’s no secret that men are caring more and more about their appearance, with industries such as men’s grooming seeing exponential growth, but on an equal level, men’s jewellery is also seeing greater traction, with increasing numbers of guys turning to accessories to express their personal style.

Of course, think of jewellery and you’ll either think of pieces that cost several thousand dollars, or those at the complete opposite end of the budget spectrum.


Fortunately, for Australian men, Gregory Jewellers’ ‘Mr Gregory’ line of men’s jewellery provides the perfect middle ground, offering high-quality pieces you’ll want to be seen wearing, for prices that belie them.


Gregory Jewellers has an esteemed history and reputation within the industry.


That reputation has been created through the company’s passion and dedication to provide customers with the exact pieces they’re looking for without compromise.

Sterling Silver ID Bracelet model MRG-BR3

Image courtesy of Gregory Jewellers (Showcasing Model MRG-BR3)


When Gregory’s develop a new design, they don’t rest until it meets their high standards. If an initial model design doesn’t come out quite right, rather than make an adjustment to it, Gregory’s will in fact remake it from scratch so as to make sure that same ring is perfect, right down to the last detail.

The co-founders of the company; brothers Lahdo and Christopher Gregory, still remain a vital part of the business, designing and perfecting new rings and jewellery collections each day, that will eventually make their way to the boutiques.


It’s this dedication to perfection that sets Gregory Jewellers apart from other premium jewellers. The Mr Gregory collection takes this attitude and uses it to present a range of pieces that encompass rings, bracelets, necklaces and cufflinks which, in keeping with current trends for men’s jewellery, employ a mixture of silver and rose gold plating.


sterling Silver Cushion Signet Ring Model MRG-R3

Image courtesy of Gregory Jewellers (Showcasing Model MRG-R3)

The current range caters to various themes and styles, such as nautically-themed bracelets and necklaces with anchor motifs – such as this sterling silver anchor leather bracelet or sterling silver and black rhodium anchor necklace – to slightly more edgy pieces that make use of black rhodium skulls, like this sterling silver skull tag necklace.


For jewellery traditionalists, Mr Gregory also has a selection of signet rings, both plain and patterned – such as this sterling silver eagle signet ring. What’s more, you can choose to have an engraving on either of their top discs to make them even more personal to you. The Mr Gregory signet rings are a perfect example of high-quality pieces for more than affordable price. The plain signet ring, for example, retails for $150. Walk into a decidedly more premium jeweller and you can expect to pay four to five times that amount, yet it will still be produced from sterling silver.


Sterling Silver Chevron Cuff Links Model MRG-CL6_0
Image courtesy of Gregory Jewellers (Showcasing Model MRG-CL6-0)


Every man should know that cufflinks are a vital piece of any formalwear puzzle.


Whether you wear a dress shirt for the office or have one that is only let out for special occasions such as weddings, a pair of cufflinks not only serves a purpose in keeping the shirt cuff held together but offers a simple and subtle way to add some individuality to an outfit.


In this regard, the Mr Gregory range has plenty to offer the style-conscious man who likes to show off, whether it be through a pair of sterling silver cufflinks with black rhodium skulls or a more simple and conventional pair such as this square pair with a single stripe of black agate. You’ll find several pairs will have matching necklaces, bracelets and rings, or a combination thereof.


Sterling Silver Signature Cuff Links Model MRG_CL15-0

Image courtesy of Gregory Jewellers (Showcasing Model MRG-CL15-0)

Best of all, the entire Mr Gregory is highly affordable, with the vast majority of pieces setting you back less than $500, with rings starting from $150, yet the quality is never compromised.


Gregory Jewellers stocks its Mr Gregory range in all of its boutique and the entire range can also be found online.


Visit a boutique to gain a greater appreciation for the level of craftsmanship that goes into creating each piece today!






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