International Women’s Day with Clare Deloughery
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International Women’s Day with Clare Deloughery
We are immensely proud of the women in our company and we celebrate them this International Women’s Day.
8 March 2021 5 minute read

We are immensely proud of the women in our company and we celebrate them this International Women’s Day. Women have played and continue to play an integral role in all areas of our business.


We catch up with Clare Deloughery, our Marketing and Communications Manager, to discuss her inspirations and how she balances her career and family.


Image: Courtesy of Clare Deloughery 


“Empowered Women Empower Women”



Who inspires you and why?


I am inspired by my mother and sister. I am lucky to have strong women in my life who have taught me important values which I live my life by,


My mother has always been a working mother. She is a trained nurse, owned and operated a children’s boutique and managed my Father’s medical practice for decades. She has instilled in us that we should respect work and of the importance of being independent and educated women.


Despite her commitment to her career, she has never failed to remind us that her family are the most important thing to her.


Regardless of how many balls my mother was juggling, we always knew we were her priority and were loved and supported.


My sister is a lawyer and partner of an international law firm in London. She is a mother to a three year old daughter and has been most recently working on legal framework for the Moderna COVID-19 vaccination.


Ambition to my sister is a word to be celebrated and she never judges or compares herself to other women, all women should be supported and heard.

She has inspired me greatly in my career and has been pivotal in driving me to fulfil my dreams, such as working overseas.


What are your tips for balancing work and home life, particularly with a two year old?


It’s a juggling act!


My husband and I are very lucky that we have very supportive families. My parents look after our son two days a week and we also provide each other with a lot of support. It’s a team effort after all!


One thing to remember is that you can’t be afraid to ask for help.


The biggest myth of the modern woman is that ‘we can do it all’… we can’t!


Be okay with not doing everything . If you have to buy a birthday cake or hire a cleaner do it! Lean on your support network when it feels hard.


When it gets overwhelming, one look at my son and I immediately know what I am working for.


What are your favourite things about being a working mother?


I love the stimulation and creativity that the world of Marketing brings.


I love the buzz of working on exciting projects and did I mention I get to market exquisite jewellery and watches? What’s not to love! The world of marketing never stands still, there is always something new to learn! I also get to work with an inspired and inspiring team, and thrive on engaging with intelligent and creative professionals.


I hope to instil in my son an appreciation for work and a drive to always pursue his dreams


What is one piece of advice you would share with other working mothers?


I take playing seriously. I don’t want to be the mum in the park who is on their phone, half sending an email and half engaging with my child because everyone knows you definitely aren’t doing either one well! One thing Covid-19 has instilled in me is to be present.


Be present in the moment.


My son won’t be three forever and goodness knows I won’t remember that email!

What have you found to be the most rewarding about working in a family business like Gregory Jewellers?


I love working for the Gregory Family because they are just that – a Family.


They respect family and they treat their teams like an extension of their family.  I have the pleasure in knowing first hand the hard work and commitment that has and continues to go into ensuring this brand continues for generations.


I relish in continuing to share the legacy of this great Australian brand.


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