Father’s Day with Robert Gregory
Moments That Matter
Father’s Day with Robert Gregory
16 August 2021

We catch up with our very own Gregory Jewellers COO, Robert Gregory on what it means to be a father. Robert manages the diamond and gemstone procurement process and oversees the company’s commercial interests.


Robert is father to his two children and talks about fatherhood and working in a family business.


“Of all the titles I’ve been privileged to have, ‘Dad’ has always been the best”

– Ken Norton

Image: Courtesy of Robert and Kim Gregory (Featuring Robert, Kim Stephanie and Christian Gregory)

What has been the most enjoyable part of fatherhood for you?


Where do I begin..


There is a lot to love about being a father but my favourite has been simply watching them transition into the young adults they are becoming. My daughter is entering young adulthood now!


I’m sure any parent would agree but it is truly something special seeing a child evolve in this sense.



How have you balanced being a father and being so involved in the family business?


Back in the days I used to work 7 days! After I got married, it changed that to 6 days and after I became a father, it turned into 5 days.


My weekends are now completely dedicated to my children and I am a point of contact for our network via phone and email only.


As children grow up, their needs change and they require you there more to ensure they are nurtured correctly and on the right path for progression.

Image: Courtesy of Robert and Kim Gregory (Featuring Robert and Stephanie Gregory)

As Jewellery making is in your blood, have you ever made your children a special jewellery piece?


Actually yes! I have made my daughter a white gold charm bracelet with a letter ‘S’ that is pave set with white and pink diamonds.


It was something I gifted to her as a little girl and she still has today.

Image: Courtesy of Robert and Kim Gregory (Featuring Christian Gregory)

My son has actually made himself quite a few pieces in our Workshop! When he was younger, he would come with me to the Head Office, where our Workshop is based, during his school holidays.


He has been immersed in the process of manufacturing from a very young age – the melting, rolling, filing, polishing, all of it! He would get lost in the workshop for hours on end, moving from bench to bench, and learning different skills from each and every Jeweller in our Workshop.


It was truly special to see, as Jewellery making is very close to the heart for the Family and I.

Image: Courtesy of Robert and Kim Gregory (Featuring Christian Gregory)

Do you have a special piece for yourself that represents fatherhood for you?


My wedding ring!


It is the only piece of Jewellery I wear and it means a lot to me.



What is one piece of advice you will pass onto your children?

Whatever you do, do it well and do it with a lot of blood, sweat and tears!


I always teach them that honest ethical hard work always pays off. Don’t cut corners. There are no shortcuts in life.


This applies to our business and Gregory Jewellers would not have gotten if we had not put quality first!

Image: Courtesy of Robert and Kim Gregory (Featuring Lahdo, Stephanie and Christian Gregory)

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