Father’s Day with Alesandro Ljubicic
Moments That Matter
Father’s Day with Alesandro Ljubicic
15 August 2021

We catch up with our very close friend to the brand and artist, Alesandro Ljubicic, on what it means to be a father. Alesandro is a celebrated, renowned contemporary artist and the proud owner of The Sydney Art Store.


Alesandro is father to adorable baby Luka and talks about fatherhood.


“Imagination is more important than knowledge”

-Albert Einstein

Image: Courtesy of Alesandro (Featuring Alesandro and Luka)


What was your favourite part of the pregnancy?


I loved seeing Monika pregnant knowing she was carrying our child and seeing her as a mother already with our son growing inside her.


It made me love her even more.

How will you celebrate your first Father’s Day with Luka?


That’s a question for Monika! After all, isn’t she supposed to bring me breakfast in bed?

No, in all seriousness, we’ll be with my dad, Monika’s dad and both our mums, coming together to celebrate all of us dads.


But let’s be real, it will be more like “Luka Day”, just as every other celebration has turned into!

Image: Courtesy of Alesandro (Featuring Alesandro and Luka)


If you could choose one trait of yours to pass to Luka, what would it be?


Besides my dashing good looks. I’d choose for him to be true to himself at all times.

To be confident in himself and his decisions and never stop believing in his dreams no matter how hard the path ahead may seem.


What do you enjoy most about being a father?


Luka has just hit 6 months so he’s really becoming animated and showing his emotions. Whether it be when he wakes up in the morning and I go to greet him, when I come home for lunch, or when he visits me at work with Monika, nothing beats Luka’s beaming face when he sees me.


It honestly brings me the most pure joy I’ve ever felt.

Image: Courtesy of Alesandro (Featuring Alesandro and Luka)


Do you have a special piece of jewellery or timepiece that represents fatherhood for you?


Yes, Monika and I have matching IWC Pilot “Le Petit Prince” timepieces.


Years before we bought ours, I met a gentleman wearing one at a Gregory Jewellers event, funnily enough! As I was admiring it, he told me the story of how he bought his young son the smaller case size so they could match. I thought that was such a lovely sentiment and bond between father and son, and from that moment on, I pictured myself doing the same with my son if I ever had one.


Monika has already happily agreed to passing her watch down to Luka in the future, and I’m so excited to give it to him one day.

Image: Courtesy of Alesandro (Featuring Alesandro and Luka)



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