The meticulous process of individually selecting each diamong by eye refines each clarity grade, allowing us opportunity to source you the best each grade has to offer.


Stricter standards of tolerance ensure our diamonds are cut to maximise brilliance – for a brighter, livelier diamond.


An Australian owned and family operated business for three generations demonstrating a dedication to excellence in customer service, and ensuring we are here for you, for the life of your ring.


Our Sydney based, state of the art production facilities facilitate custom design & alterations to our exquisite pieces without excessive delays – all delivered with an incomparable finish.


More than any other characteristics, the precision of cut and overall proportion of a diamond when being cut from a rough diamond, ultimately determines the brilliance of the diamond.

A polished diamond’s brilliance lies in its complex relationship with light - how light reflects off the facets, how much enters the diamond and what amount of light returns to your eye.

The proportion of each individual diamond directly affects its brilliance and appeal. Diamonds with excellent proportions, symmetry and polish optimise their interaction with light. Often diamonds are cut to retain weight rather than excellent proportion, as this may sometimes yield a slightly higher price as the expense of quality.

The Gregory Standard ensures all our certified diamonds are accurately categorised according to their proportions, symmetry, and polish which ultimately determines their brilliance.


The colour of a diamond is an important characteristic when determining a diamonds value. Generally the less colour, the higher the value. The exception to this is fancy-colour diamonds, such as pinks and blues, which lie outside this colour range.

Diamonds are normally characterised by their lack of colour, and using a set of authenticated master diamonds to compare against, each diamond is given a grade using the English alphabet from D (colourless) to Z (most saturated colour).

The untrained eye is incapable of making assessments that dramatically affect a diamond’s value.


The weight of a diamond is measured in carats.

It is important to remember that carat weight alone does not determine a diamond’s value. Diamonds of equal weight can vary widely in price because of difference in cut, proportion, colour, clarity & other characteristics. Two diamonds that weigh the same can in fact have completely different measurements.


Because diamonds are formed deep within the earth’s core, under extreme heat and pressure, they often contain unique birthmarks, either internal inclusions or external blemishes.

Virtually all diamonds have naturally occurring inclusions or blemishes – the size, position and type of these inclusions have a direct effect on a diamond’s beauty and value.

The Gregory standard ensures that each diamond’s clarity is assessed by our team of diamond buyers before it is purchased. This meticulous process of selecting each diamond by eye refines each clarity grade, allowing us the opportunity to source the best each grade has to offer. We often reject diamonds with fl aws accepted by others, including laser drill holes and diamonds with a high concentration of natt inclusions.

Two diamonds which may have the same clarity grade on a diamond certificate can appear very different when viewed in person. One cannot rely on a diamond’s certified characteristics alone.


The Gregory Standards ensures that our diamonds are examined for their luster and transparency, by carefully examining each diamond by eye, and not relying on a diamond’s certified characteristics alone.

This natural characteristic is often overlooked, but can directly affect the brilliance, dispersion and scintillation of a diamond.

Below are two round brilliant cut diamonds, they have identical carat weight, colour, clarity. Their other characteristics, including cut, polish symmetry & fluoresce grades are also identical, and both diamonds are accompanied by a reputable international certificate.

You could be fooled into thinking that these two diamonds would look identical, however, the natural transparency of the diamond on the left is far superior to the transparency of the diamond on the right, making it a more brilliant, lively diamond.

At Gregory Jewellers we source our diamonds based on their physical beauty, rather than relying on certified characteristics alone. These diamonds and their certifi cates are available for viewing by appointment.


The traditional scale for grading the colour of a diamond, from D-Z based on the presence of colour, often yellow overtone. Diamond have an array of overtones including, but not limited to, grey, brown and green. Generally overtones other than yellow decrease the beauty and value of the diamond.


Fluorescence can be described as a phenomenon that occurs when a diamond is exposed to invisible Ultra-Violet light (UV).

About 30% of all diamonds in the world are fluorescent. This characteristic is generally noted on the accompanying certification, and although fluorescence generally cannot be seen in a boutique or retail store environment – it can dramatically affect a diamond’s beauty and value. Some diamonds that have a medium to very strong fluorescent grading can appear to look milky or foggy under natural sunlight (which contain natural ultraviolet light)

The Gregory Standard details the strength and colour of any natural fluorescence.
The fluorescence scale varies by strength – from: none, faint, medium, strong, and very strong.


At Gregory Jewellers, each diamond we purchase is selected by eye, allowing us to refine each of the certified characteristics, and return any diamonds that do not meet our standards.

Sadly, many of these diamonds we return, end up with diamond suppliers or ‘wholesalers’ – and often end up being on sold to uninformed customers, often online.

It is important to remember, a certificate may tell you what a diamond ‘is’ but it does not tell you what it ‘does’. The only way to know what a diamond ‘does’ is to see it.


Diamond grading reports don’t tell you what the diamond’s value is, but does provide an expert opinion on its grading and can only be issued for a loose, unset diamond. 

Laboratories like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and Gem Studies Laboratory (GSL) are renowned within the industry for providing consistent and accurate opinions about a diamond’s grading. We recommend all diamonds above 0.50ct to have a diamond grading report, otherwise known as a certificate.


Buying diamonds & jewellery online may look easy, prices you see online may look appealing, but quality cannot be assured until you see the piece for yourself. Gregory Jewellers has a long and lustrous history in the jewellery business, you can be assured that we will be here for you, for the life of your ring.

  • Insurance for the item in transit - what if it goes missing?
  • Can you be sure you have been sent the correct diamond, test that it's a genuine stone & matches the description you were promised?
  • What happens if you're not satisfied, how will you return this valuable gem?
  • How can you be sure the receiving party will receive the goods if they are returned?
  • Does the price quoted include the relevant import duties, customs clearance and gst?
  • More often than not, these additional expenses are not mentioned until after your purchase has been shipped.
  • What about the quality of the ring itself?
    often overseas manufactured rings are significantly lighter in weight, making them too fragile for everyday wear.
  • What about the quality of any shoulder diamonds, and how well they are set?

Understanding that quality comes at a cost - we cannot always guarantee you the cheapest price on the market.

We can guarantee you excellent value for money, diamonds that meet our strict standards, and a ring designed, and manufactured in australia with an unparalleled finish




With one of the country’s largest, physical & avaliable to view inventories of loose diamonds & gemstones – each having been hand selected by our buyers, with unparalleled international resources, we guarantee that we have a diamond to fulfil your every desire at a price you can afford.

Visit your local Gregory Jewellers Boutique to learn more about the Gregory Standard and see the difference for yourself.