Introducing a Milestone: Australian Made
Moments That Matter
Introducing a Milestone: Australian Made
Gregory Jewellers Earns the Coveted Australian Made Certification!
16 August 2023 2 minute read

The true mark of Aussie Authenticity

We are thrilled to share a momentous achievement that cements Gregory Jewellers as an unparalleled symbol of authentic Australian luxury.

Today, we proudly announce that our exquisite range of Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands, and Bespoke designs now bear the prestigious Australian Made logo, symbolising our unwavering commitment to genuine Australian heritage.



Gregory Jewellers Sydney Workshop


Embrace the Rich Legacy of Gregory Jewellers

For over 55 illustrious years, Gregory Jewellers has been synonymous with excellence in the world of prestige diamond jewellery. Our deep-rooted passion for creating exquisite masterpieces that encapsulate the essence of love and commitment has only grown stronger with time. Since its inception in 1967 by the Gregory family, our brand has flourished as a cherished family-owned and operated business, cherishing traditions and embracing authenticity with utmost pride.


Edward Gregory, Christopher Gregory, Helen Gregory and Lahdo Gregory (left to right)

A Local Treasure

At the heart of Gregory Jewellers lies an unwavering commitment to Australian-made jewellery. Our production facilities, nestled in the vibrant city of Sydney, echo our loyalty to the local community and the skilled artisans who bring our local designs to life.


Every piece bearing the Gregory Jewellers name is a testament to our enduring love for the art of jewellery-making. We hold precious metals and glistening gemstones in the highest regard, meticulously crafting each design to perfection.


Guided by an unwavering focus on quality and an eye for detail, our engagement rings, wedding bands – men’s and women’s, and custom creations now have an extra detail – the Australian Made logo, which adds a little extra brilliance to our pieces.



One of our Engagement Rings being assembled at our Sydney Workshop



A New Standard of Excellence

With the Australian Made certification, Gregory Jewellers continues to set the benchmark for exquisite jewellery. Our engagement rings narrate tales of romance, our wedding bands symbolise unyielding unity, and our bespoke designs immortalise all the special moments along life’s journey. Each Gregory Jewellers piece transforms into a timeless masterpiece, preserving cherished memories for generations to come.


We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for being part of this remarkable journey with Gregory Jewellers. Together, we celebrate the brilliance of Australian craftsmanship and the beauty of treasured moments.


Discover more about the Australian Made Logo and Certification through the video below and via the Australian Made website.



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