Meet The Team – Julia Feng
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Meet The Team – Julia Feng
Meet the team dedicated to ensuring Gregory Jewellers delivers on its promise of exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional customer experiences.
1 March 2021 5 minute read

From Midyat to current day. Gregory Jewellers, an Australian Story of Enduring Craftsmanship, Innovation and Success. Meet the team dedicated to ensuring Gregory Jewellers delivers on its promise of exquisite craftsmanship and exceptional customer experiences.


We catch up with Julia Feng, Boutique Manager at our Miranda Boutique, to discuss her inspirations and how she balances family and a career. 


Image: Courtesy of Julia Feng (Captured in our Miranda Boutique)


“I want to be all that I am capable of becoming”

– Katherine Mansfield


Who inspires you and why?


My Mother.


She is my lighthouse and has always told me that people live their life by choice, not by chance.


This is definitely something I hold dear and live my life by everyday.


How long have you been with Gregory Jewellers and how have they supported your career during this time?


I have been with the company for over 8 years now and the Gregory Family have always been very supportive, especially during this difficult time! Moreover, I have greatly appreciated the confidence and trust that the Family has placed in me. Running a Boutique is not an easy job but the support of the Family has helped me to overcome the unexpected challenges and still be able to harvest excellent results.


Being a working mother and balancing a job that often includes late night trade and weekend hours, how do you balance your work and family life?


It was not a smooth process ! When I first started working full time hours, especially when my son was still young, it was often quite hard to balance my career and ensure I was there for his special moments. As he is grown up now, he is now used to my timetable and respects what I do and how hard I have tried, and I show the same respect to him too. I do hope and try every hard everyday to ensure I am a good influence on him and his future.


In your experience, how has COVID-19 affected or changed aspects of your job, particularly the effect on customers and being on the retail floor?


COVID-19 has changed everyone’s life world wide!


Being part of the retail staff at a Boutique on the floor everyday means that we get to observe the customer sentiment first hand from customers in their thoughts, feelings and how they are adopting to the new norm. We have been immensely lucky to have received positive sales results due to travel restrictions and people not being able to travel outside of Australia.


At the same time, there have been some struggles along the way! We have had to ensure we communicate effectively between customers and our supply and service partners to avoid disappointments that may be caused by delays or short supply. The company itself has also done a great job in communicating to the stores with up-to-date government regulations and have shown that they prioritise our employees’ health and safety which is very important.

What have you found to be the most rewarding about working in a family business like Gregory Jewellers?


When you work in a family business, there is less separation between Management and the staff! Particularly the Gregory Family who are very active in visiting the Boutiques and ensuring they are working closely and connecting with all their staff members.


The Family have always looked after their employees as if they are part of the family.


Being a Boutique Manager in Gregory Jewellers, what is one piece of advice you impart on women you mentor?


I am lucky to work in an environment where I can be a positive influence in young women’s lives and one piece of advice I love to share is the below.


We are stronger than we think as long as we believe in it.

We often can forget it – especially when we are faced with hardship! It is so important to remember that we are all more capable than you know or realise.

Image: Courtesy of Julia Feng (Captured in our Miranda Boutique)

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