Art, Silver Linings in Covid-19 and New Beginnings with Alesandro Ljubicic
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Art, Silver Linings in Covid-19 and New Beginnings with Alesandro Ljubicic
28 August 2020

We catch up with our friend, artist Alesandro Ljubicic on his exciting projects, the art world during Covid-19 but most importantly on being an expectant father…


How are you? What have you been up to?


I am extremely well thank you! I have been working several projects. I have just sent my recent show to Montreal (it is still on international waters somewhere!) I unfortunately could not attend the exhibition due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. It is exciting though thinking an international audience are still engaging with my work during the pandemic.

Whenever Life Paints,  Bloom with Grace 2020 (part of the Montreal exhibition)


I am doing amazing client commissions both locally and internationally. I am working on an incredible six metre by two metre painting for an Australian client. They have an incredible house and want an impressive artwork. For this work I have been inspired by a Jean Paul Gaultier wallpaper within their house that features blossoms in cool colours – blues and greens. The work is intensely detailed and I have to work on it in panels due to its sheer size.


How has Covid-19 affected the art world and your art practice? Have you had any learnings during this period?



I am glass half-full person in my outlook so I see the positive impact.


With more people staying in their homes, they are reflecting on their personal environments. People are wanting to personalise and enhance their spaces. I also feel that many are spending what they would on international travel on their homes and selves.


The art industry is therefore very busy, galleries are doing extremely well with domestic clients. I think Covid-19 has made us readjust our focus and reconnect with our immediate communities more than we had been doing previously, hopefully this will aid in Australia’s economic recovery.


Obviously Covid-19 has been a tough time for many and I feel very fortunate I have been able to continue to work, create and grow.

Many people’s outlet is travel and I personally hope this is back on the table very soon! Monika and I were meant to be in Europe now but have been moving home in preparation for our first child. I think Covid-19 has made us focus on what is fundamentally important to us, our families and our passions. I feel very grateful for what I have in my life.


What exciting projects do you have on the horizon?



I am currently working on my November show at Michael Reid. It is also inspired by these cool blue and green tones.

I have also been working with Institchu on printing my artworks onto fabrics for the lining of suits, pocket squares. We are currently organising that the sale of every item contributes to charity. It is a great initiative and I will look forward to sharing more details soon!


I also own and operate with my family, the Sydney Art Store. We have just moved to bigger premises. More people are painting and creating than ever during Covid-19. For our new website, I am currently working on a canvas calculator application where a client can select their preferences for fabric and size, so far we have between 22,000 – 33,000 variations. I love technology and how it can improve our lives, and this has been a really fun project.


My work is also being blown up 24 x 14 metres in November on a building above Parramatta Road. Parramatta Road will be closed for 4 hours for the installation, I do like to think my work stops traffic!


This work is to illustrate new developments in technology and the ability to be use very advanced scanning and is part of an exciting public art project!


You are an expectant father, are you excited?

Monika and Alex, image courtesy of @monika_rad

It really hit me the other day, when Monika and I felt the baby kick! Covid-19 has been a positive time to look inward and focus on family. We are so excited and so is our family, this baby is also the first grandchild!


I have to be honest and say I am preoccupied with getting everything done before the baby’s arrival so I can slow down and enjoy this special time.


Any words of wisdom you will pass on to your future little one?


Do what you love and enjoy what you’re doing!

Do you have a piece of jewellery or watch that you wear daily and treasure?


My Gregory Jewellers wedding band which is classic yellow band engraved with AXM (Alesandro X Monika). I love the engraving and the simplicity of this ring.

Alex wearing his IWC Perpetual Calendar on his wedding day

I also love watches! I have three iconic IWC watches I treasure. I received the automatic Portugieser for my 30th birthday and the Petit Prince Big Pilot from Monika for my wedding and the Perpetual Calendar from my family for our wedding.


These IWC watches are the most beautiful heirlooms and I would love to pass these onto my children. I am just their temporary custodian!

Are you thinking of marking the birth of your baby in any special way?



I am sure that Monika has plenty in mind that is likely to involve Gregory diamonds, ha!


I have actually commissioned Hayden Cox, a friend and an ambassador for IWC Watches to make a surfboard featuring our first baby scan. I love the idea that our baby is currently surfing through life.


Monika knows everything so I am not ruining the surprise of this commission, we will mount this surfboard in our new home as a symbol of our family’s first beginnings.


Hayden Cox of Hayden Shapes, image courtesy of IWC Australia

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