Father’s Day with George Perezous
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Father’s Day with George Perezous
16 August 2021

We catch up with our Boutique Manager, George Perezous, on what it means to be a father. George manages our Parramatta flagship Boutique.


George is father to his daughter and talks about fatherhood and working in a family business.


“Anyone can be a father but it takes a lot of special courage to be a real dad”


Image: Courtesy of George Perezous 

How long have you been in the Jewellery industry?


I have actually been in the industry for 38 years now!

My father is a retired Jeweller so you can say I was born into the industry. He originally had a workshop in the city and then opened his first store in Newtown. I would go to help during the school holidays and officially started working with my father in 1983 which is also when I did my apprenticeship!


Image: Courtesy of George Perezous (Featuring George Perezous and his wife)

Do you enjoy working for a family business?


I’ve always worked in a family business, firstly with my father for almost 20 years then I opened and worked in my own store with my wife for 16 years.


Family Jewellery business is what I know and love. I know I am part of Gregory Jewellers, where they really place an emphasis on family.

Family is the foundation at Gregory Jewellers and seeing how passionate and hands-on the Co-Founders, Lahdo and Christopher, are more than 50 years down the track is truly incredible!


Lahdo and Christopher have instilled great beliefs within their children who have truly evolved Gregory Jewellers into the great business it is today.


They have all made me feel like part of the family. Being the Boutique Manager at Parramatta, I have been inspired to instill this same passion and belief in my team. After all, my team is my family!


What has been your favourite Father’s Day gift received so far?


I don’t have one, I have many. From the many hand written cards to the beautiful meals shared throughout the years.

Firstly, I remember the beautiful breakfasts that my daughter’s school would host for Father’s Day when she was young, She was so proud to have me there, and I felt so proud to be there with her.


Father’s Day has always been a special day for us as a family to go out for breakfast or lunch, that is my gift.


My Parramatta team also surprised me with beautiful Mr Gregory silver cufflinks last year and I wear them with immense pride.

Image: Courtesy of George Perezous (Featuring George Perezous and his daughter)

Being a Manager at our Flagship Boutique, do you have a special timepiece or jewellery piece to celebrate fatherhood?


My favourite piece of jewellery is actually a pendant that was given to me on my 40th Birthday from my wife and daughter.

It is a round solid 18ct white gold disc with my daughters birthdate inscribed in Roman numerals. I wear it with such pride.


However I am eyeing a beautiful TUDOR watch to add to my collection. The TUDOR Steel & Gold Chronograph on bracelet in fact!


What is one piece of life advice you have shared with your daughter?


To be true to yourself and follow your passion. Don’t let anyone stop your dreams and live life passionately.


Always to use your mind, after all,  the quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life!


Where are you planning your next family holiday? Why do you love this destination? Does it hold happy family memories?

I’ve been blessed to have travelled to many places in the world but most importantly, to have shared these travel memories with my wife and daughter. We have been to Paris, New York, Hawaii and Bali!


However the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland has always been a favourite January destination for my family and I, especially when we stay at the Sheraton Grand Mirage!


Unfortunately COVID-19 has definitely put a hold on international travel so planning is a little tricky.


In 2019, we were fortunate to travel extensively and we spent 5 months in my beautiful motherland Greece.


As they say, “Greece in summertime is like no other place in the world”. There’s beautiful water, beautiful food, beautiful people.

I have been to all the popular islands like Mykonos, Santorini , Kos , Rhodes however my true love will be to travel back on the mainland of Greece and do a road trip to the Mani region of the Peloponnesus.


Image: Courtesy of George Perezous (Featuring George Perezous, wife and daughter)

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