There are many benefits you wil enjoy when purchasing your timepiece from Gregory Jewellers, along with some precautions you should take when shopping online.


Be sure to purchase your timepiece from a validated authorised retailer, if in doubt, check the brands international website for official stockist listings.

When purchasing from unauthorised retailers, the piece will almost certainly not be accompanied by a valid warranty.

When importing goods from overseas retailers and websites, you will almost certainly be charged various import duties and taxes on arrival into Australia.

Gregory Jewellers is an official stockist of many leading international breads. View them here.


Each timepiece will be returned for repair and service to the appropriate authorised after sales service department, who will complete their work using authentic spare parts and tools.

Read more about how to best care for your timepiece, or get in touch with our service centre here.

An Authentic warranty

All timepieces sold by Gregory Jewellers are accompanied by a valid and authentic warranty certificate, guaranteeing high standards of quality for a minimum of two years.

Our dedicated after sales service department will manage the warranty repair process completely.You can contact them here.